Sewer & Drain Cleaning & Clean Outs!



DB Plumbing not only cleans your drains, we can repair or replace drains and sewers! We will run a video inspection of your sewer and present you with options for sewer line repair or replacement. We will help you identify the most cost-effective solution for your drain and sewer line.

DB Plumbing offers a “Maintenance Program”. It is important to schedule an annual drain and sewer maintenance cleaning, not just to fix immediate blockages, but to clear root growth and waste build up. Annual cleanings will keep your drains and sewer in good condition and catch small problems before they become big ones. We can add you to our calendar system and remind you when you are due for a cleaning, just like your dentist!

Sewer Cleanouts



If your home was built before the early 1980’s it probably does not have a mainline sewer clean out. Our technicians can install a clean out for your sewer or any drain on your system. Installing a clean-out can help prevent far more costly digging and repairs.  The benefits of a properly installed cleanout are huge!

·         Less expensive to clear a blockage or maintenance a line when it has a ground level cleanout.

·         Closer to the stoppage with fewer turns which gives the cable added strength for better cleaning.

·         Makes the stoppage accessible to proper sized blades

·         Pop-off cleanout plugs – DB Plumbing technicians can install a pop-off clean out cap so that if your sewer ever again stops up, the clean-out cap pops off and no messy sewage floods inside your home.

·         Warranty – We will offer a warranty on a stoppage if the line we clear has a ground level clean out.

·         Increases the value of your house – It is an upgrade to the plumbing system!

·         No messy drain cables or machines inside your home.

·         Running through a roof vent is going through a smaller pipe to clear a pipe of larger diameter. This is an excellent way to get the cable stuck in the drain line.

·         Running on roof vent creates the potential for roof leaks

·         Roof vents use non-directional fittings which are different than actual drain lines. Very often this results in trapped cables.

·         If your sewer line requires a camera inspection, you need to have a ground level cleanout.

·         Might qualify for an insurance reduction?

Contact DB Plumbing today and let our technicians evaluate your system for a clean out today!

We also offer video inspections for drain and sewer!