Hydro Jetting


Simple blockages caused by debris, small roots etc… are easily cleared with a snake and cutting blades, however; when your drain or sewer is filled with black mucky sludge, grease and sticky build up, you need a Hydro Jetter.


Snaking a drain verses Hydro Jetting:


Typical thick sticky sludge build up that occurs in kitchen drains, slab house drains & restaurants.


A snake will make a hole big enough for the cable to crawl through, leaving 50% or more of the built up sludge along the drain walls.


The sludge will collapse or quickly build back up and your drain line is clogged yet again.


A Hydro Jetter scours and blasts away sludge and sticky build up from all sides of the drain walls, washing it away down the run.


clogged-pipeThe results, after DB plumbing has hydro jetted your lines, smooth, clean, nearly new drain and sewer pipes with no remnants .