PEX is a type of polyethylene which is quieter than traditional piping. It is flexible, having fewer fittings and smoother turns making it far less prone to leaks. It accommodates both hot and cold water and has been used for over 50 years in domestic water piping.

·         Safe drinking water PEX pipe is certified by third-party testing agencies, such as NSF and CSA to be safe for drinking water. It’s the smartest choice for the long-term safety, security and reliability of this resource. 

·         Quiet PEX pipe minimizes noise. Research shows PEX pipe is significantly quieter than copper pipe, thanks to its flexibility and ability to absorb pressure surges. (less clanking and banging)

·         Corrosion resistant PEX pipe will not pit or stress corrode. Corrosion, as an pexlinkelectrolytic process, requires the presence of electrically conductive materials – primarily lead, iron, steel and copper. PEX is a dielectric material, a non-conductor, and does not corrode like metal pipes.

·         Low thermal conductivity PEX pipe minimizes heat transmissions through the pipe wall, compared to metal pipes. It is resistant to freeze damage and condensation sweating, unlike pexvcopper metal pipes.

·         Scaling resistant PEX pipe’s smooth interior walls and chemical properties make it resistant to mineral buildup when used with either hard or soft water. No water treatment or special additives are needed to prevent scaling or corrosion. End users enjoy years of consistent flow and water pressure.