Sewer Video Inspections


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, to property owners, property buyers or property sellers, it could be worth thousands of dollars. Sewer video inspections can reveal what is wrong with your sewer and tell you where the problems are and what is required to correct the issue.  

Sewer video inspections protect both buyers & sellers of a property by showing the health of a sewer at the time of ownership transfer.

We can make a digital copy of the inspection along with a professional report of our findings for you and other parties.

If DB Plumbing makes the repairs to your sewer problem(s), we will apply our video inspection charge towards your repair.


DB plumbing provides the following sewer services for both Residential & Commercial:

·         Video Inspection

·         Sewer Location

·         Excavation

·         Replacement

·         Cleanout Installations

·         Re-routing

·         Rooter service

·         Hydro Jetting