Warning signs that you may have a slab leak.

·         Is your water bill rising unexplainably?

·         Do you notice wetness or dampness on the flooring?

·         Can you hear water running in your walls?

·         Do you notice warm spots on your floor?

·         Wet Spots or standing water adjacent to your foundation?

·         Low Water Pressure?

Slab leaks occur when piping underground deteriorates and produces pinhole leaks. Water saturates the ground and rises through the concrete slab and into your home. Poor workmanship, shifting foundation, water chemistry, water velocity, and even age can contribute to the cause of slab leaks.

The sooner you act the less damage the water leak can do to your house.  It is extremely important for the safety of your home to have slab leaks repaired as soon as they are detected. Water damage can spread, causing far bigger problems and repair expenses!

Repair Options:  We will help you identify the most cost-effective solution for your slab leak.

Direct Access Repair… This is where we strategically cut the concrete slab and make a direct repair to the damaged pipe(s). Once the repair is made, we test the water system for any additional leaks. The pipes are wrapped, the hole is backfilled and concrete poured level with the existing slab so that your flooring can be put back.

A second option is to re-route the line. This entails taking a full section of the water line and replacing it from one “manifold” or “baffle” inside the walls and above the slab and tying it into another “manifold” or “baffle” to complete the circuit. The walls are patched back, leaving the damaged pipe. “dead” inside the slab.

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