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Water Heaters : A tank water heater’s life expectancy is between 11 to 13 years. Beyond that age, the inner workings become calcified and worn and the heater doesn’t boil water as efficiently! A loss of 25% of thermal heating efficiency occurs past this age due to lime scale build up on the bottom of the tank.


Safety: Make sure your water heater is safe by checking for the following:

·         Water Shut Off Valve Make sure you can easily shut down your cold water supply to the heater so you don’t flood if you have a burst pipe.


·         Gas Shut Off Valve Make sure the valve is easily accessible and shuts off smoothly without the need for a tool to open or close the gas!


·         EARTHQUAKE strap -Make sure your heater is double strapped around the lower & upper 3rd of your water heater. The water heater should not move when pushed.


·         Venting & Exhaust – Make sure there are no gaps in your venting and that the venting terminates 1’ or greater above your roofline of the house.


·         T&P Valve – T&P valves are required on all water heaters, with a steel or copper down spout directing scalding steam and water downwards. PVC and plastic will melt and allow scalding.


Relocate your water heater Is your water heater inside, taking up valuable space for a pantry, shelving or storage? DB Plumbing can relocate your water heater or convert it to a TANKLESS unit to your garage or the exterior of your house freeing up valuable square footage of useable home space.

How to Prevent Water Heater Breakdowns: Annually flushing out your water heater will help remove the sediment and mineral build up at the bottom of the heater and extend the life of your water heater.